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7 Oct

Best Closet Organization Products From Amazon

closet transformation
Jessi Malay new home closet makeover

2020 has been a year…and now couldn’t be a better time to hit the reset button and get organized for the brighter days ahead. Spending so much time at home this year has really motivated me to work on my home organization systems and try out some new ideas to make my wardrobe space even better! If you’re not sure where to start, reworking your closet and giving it a little refresh is a good starting point! I still get tons of questions about my guest room closet makeover with Life in Jeneral so today I wanted to share my best tips and tricks for closet organization and storage! I’m forever grateful to the Life in Jeneral team for coming to the rescue and turning my chaotic mess into a beautiful, functional, and durable storage closet. This closet space is not huge, but the team really used every crevice of this space to fit as much as they could! Since then I’ve learned so much about maintaining a tidy closet space. Here are some of my absolute favorite closet organization and storage products on Amazon that will help you achieve the same results without breaking the bank! 

Jessi Malay big closet reveal new house
Jessi Malay Closet Transformation


small closet makeover ideas pictures
small closet hacks

Magic Pants Hangers

These space-saving closet organizers are a must for any closet space. What I love most about these bamboo hangers is that they have an open-ended design so you can pull out each rod to easily take out each pant. 


Double Closet Rod

This double closet rod will provide you with the extra hanging space you need in your closet! Simple and minimal, this chrome rod is adjustable to fit the height and width of your closet space. 


Bamboo 3 Tier Shoe Shelf

Get up to 12 pairs of shoes off the floor and into this shoe shelf. I love the look of this bamboo shoe shelf and the great thing is these shelves resist moisture. 


Stackable Clear Shoe Box

These clear shoe boxes can be  stacked on top of one another to vertically maximize space! Each box contains an opening for fast access and most importantly a ventilation system so your shoes can breathe.


Underwear Drawer Organizer

Love these fabric drawer organizers for your bras, underwear, and socks so you can have a dedicated and organized space for your intimates! 

$14.97 (for 4 pieces)

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Best for preventing toppling piles! I use these on my closet shelves to organize everything from sweaters, purses, and denim! Love how chic and minimal they look in any space. 

$19.98 (set of 2) 


container store closet organizers acrylic
necklace closet organization
sunglasses organization acrylic boxes

Acrylic Accessory Drawers

Chic, yet practical! These acrylic accessory drawers are perfect for a closet, dresser, or vanity. I love that they’re stackable and can be used as a multi-purpose piece to display and organize your sunglasses. 


Umbra 3 Tier Table Top Necklace Holder

If you’re sick of your jewelry getting tangled and lost in drawers, then this is the organizer you need. I love that there are 3 different height levels for shorter and longer necklaces! 


Acrylic Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

This wall mounted jewelry organizer is a super efficient way to store my jewelry in a way where I can see everything and reach for them with ease! Plus it’s acrylic so it virtually goes with everything! 


Handbag/Belt Hanger

This hanger is such a quick and easy way to store your handbags and belts especially if you don’t have enough shelf space!



Jessi Malay Closet Beauty Room Makeover
makeup organization storage

Rotating Makeup Display/Organizer

One of the things I love best about my new closet space is being able to see everything in one place! That’s why I love acrylic pieces like this that have adjustable shelves so you can store all your different makeup and skincare products in one place. 


Clear Vanity Drawer Tray Organizers

My makeup used to be spread all over my vanities and makeup bags which made it so hard for me to know what I have. I now swear by these clear tray dividers because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they make it so easy to find what I’m looking for when I’m rushing to get ready for the day. 

$23.99 (16 piece set)

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